Drive, road trip, a bunch of like minded people and two days of absolute fun, who would say no to that, right? Yes, that happened a week ago when I got an invite from the wonderful Indiblogger team and all I could say, Yes I want to come for this experience. The #HexaExperience.

As we reached Hyderabad and then Novotel Hyderabad Airport, the atmosphere was already charged up, a few bloggers had arrived …

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Of all the beautiful things and people around,
Bringing so much depth to your thoughts,
Hassled, regretful and sometimes extremely happy,
That’s what it is all about, life, you the explorer,
Time shall tell, Time shall tell…

Every time you let those tears flow, somewhere a God feels dull,
Life full of gifted angels and packed surprise boxes,
And when you try to open, how they turn into Pandoras’,
Not to lose hope, firm to …

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