AH! End of another challenge and this is making my heart sink. September and October have been my favorite months because I took part in two writing challenges – My Friend Alexa and Write Tribe. Everyone who writes, knows that how much push we need sometimes to churn our imagination and bring out words to paper and ink to the blog. It has been such a wonderful journey of back to back blogging, reading and …

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So much to think and so much to apply,
So much to cater to, tad too less of assurance,
Those quick naps, a little rest when we grab,
How come these demons play along?

The last person you saw, met and had a word or two,
Imaginations ruminate, make a story so soon,
Surprise, the thoughts scream in our minds,
Who thought that moment shall so deeply be inscribed?

The good news though is we …

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Inspiration, admiration or love, choose your words,
Sometimes respect has got all of this covered,
A little bit of every spice, a little bit of sweetened smile,
You have to give him a little nudge, despite…

Of many flavours in life, he chose the one he could afford,
Not just measured in consequences but determination that lasts,
Surfaced not suddenly but eventually with his struggles,
Not just in the name of name and fame but …

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 Day in and day out, check in to reality and check out with dreams,
We are neither super heroes nor do we possess magic wands,
Why are we then expected to be perfect?
Why doesn’t this wall of expectations break any time soon?

A slumber so full of stress, dreams less & more of crass,
Moving down the hill for a walk full of peace,
Admiring the birds lost in a peck,
And the trees

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To all the highs and lows, all the bad and great moments you experience in life, one thing to be remembered is to be thankful. This helps us in the long run of life especially when we are experiencing the most intense lows of our life.

Today’s word for the #AtoZChallenge:

Ecstasy – One thing I have learned from life and which keeps me grounded is that nothing is permanent. Everything keeps changing and emotions …

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