Touch, feel, breathe, remember,
sometimes it feels all good, at other not so much,
but didn’t you say I love you?
Oh, did I? sometimes I wonder…

Lesser than less words work better,
vibes play a big role if you fathom,
for all that I contained inside,
spills like my favorite drink on the table…

The space between our bodies, those goosebumps,
they knew better than our rushing blood,
and how these eyes spoke every

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Communication, it’s so important these days to communicate well. To break the barriers of misunderstanding, indifference and hatred, the more you express, the more you get clarity but to possess the patience and will to communicate only comes with experience and a fe heartbroken moments. These moments make you stronger in the long run, for better.

Sometimes you come across little messages which explain you the meaning of life in so less words but they …

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