Day in and day out, check in to reality and check out with dreams,
We are neither super heroes nor do we possess magic wands,
Why are we then expected to be perfect?
Why doesn’t this wall of expectations break any time soon?

A slumber so full of stress, dreams less & more of crass,
Moving down the hill for a walk full of peace,
Admiring the birds lost in a peck,
And the trees

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Every generation has a different meaning of love and dedication but one common thing across decades, generations and ages, we all have observed is how love becomes at some point, maybe once in a lifetime, a weakness you cannot get over.

Today’s word for the #AtoZChallenge is:

Kryptonite – The first thing that comes to my mind and ears when I listen to this word is as if there’s going to be an explosion soon …

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Life is not easy for anyone but the one who keeps trying, makes a significant mark in the world may it be to a smaller set of people, their achievements and efforts are well recognized and appreciated. We always strive to be better when we find a sufficient amount of motivation but that will not always be the case, a lot of times you will have to be your own mentor, your own savior.

Today’s …

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Sighs. Remember the times you sigh, may it be out of despair, impatience, chaos, and all things negative? It gets to a point where you either give up your life or hopes and become silent.

While it’s much appreciated that we are always taught to be positive and hopeful in life, how much are we able to succeed? We have so much of trauma trapped in our minds that all we can do is believe …

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