Today’s prompt to write from just one song is a little funny to me because Music as a whole is something that has kept me alive till now, it’s a savior and I cannot find one song ever to relate or be grateful to.

For the magnanimity of the creation, I’d have endless words to write but I’d keep it short. Music, with different genres, languages, feels, instruments, combinations, selection of emotions, places, singers, artists …

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Heart: Do you know what they keep speaking about you behind your back? The way they blame your instincts and the capacity to ruin people, lives and emotions? Don’t you ever feel like proving them wrong? Sometimes I feel pity for you because for all the good you are responsible for, the bad just overshadows it and you are simply judged.

Mind: That’s really kind of you, dear heart. While you are so protective of …

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Flash backs are important, they keep you grounded and remind you of the best people you have ever met in your life or are related to. Especially family, your loved ones, as they say blood is thicker than water, always. Don’t you sometimes feel blessed about the family you are born in, the people who you call your family? I am sure you do.

I think there’s this thing with vibrations, the right ones, they …

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