Have you been loved enough?
Who defines how much is sufficient?
The feeling to be held,
The way we kiss our happy tears,
Oh, the wonderful feeling to be loved,
In highs and lows,
How we, to each other take a bow,
Celebrating small joys,
Initiating interesting conversations,
The sweet intimacy of eyes,
The beautiful feeling of reprise,
Connection which instills faith in our hearts,
Trust which makes a way to our beliefs,
Those inhibitions …

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Around bags full of sand and sun going down,
A bunch of strangers who try to find their way out…

As I lay back on my cushioned chair,
That chain of thoughts not leaving my hair…

Clinking bottles, hollowness inside and smiles around,
Who would know what a smiling face contains?

A wish to run away to the waves and whisper my cry,
Request them to lead me to a favorable sky…

Of angels, peace …

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That first splash of colors on the crisp white sheet,
Childhood rejoicing in the effortless drill,
Innocence driving the ambitious & pretty quill,
Let’s draw something we could simply write,
Let’s write what we could simply sketch,
The plain pleasure of owning a piece of art,
Oh! you thing of a past…

Pair of eyes which inspire you,
Set of palms which bless you endlessly,
A warm embrace found in a cup,
The night which …

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Words, writing, blogging, expression, poetry, release, these are few words which define what I love to be and every challenge which makes me want to do more of this, excites me to its highest level. The emotions which we go through this one life are best written down in words and reread again and again at every point of time just to make us stronger through this span of experience and struggle.

After being a …

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Haan kuch toh hoon, kahin toh hoon,
Aaj har woh mukaam par nahi, jo socha,
Par jahan gir kar uth saka, uth kar gir saka,
Har us unchaai ki aakhri eent ka pehlu sa,
Meri soch ke daayre se pare,
Jo mujhe thodi aur door le chala,
Jahaan aaj hoon, wahin kal bhi tha, thoda behtar,
Thoda sa sehma hua…

Har chehre ke peeche ek soch, har soch ke peeche ek chehra,
Meri umeedon ka …

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