What if humans could literally fly? What would have been your first reaction now, if you come to know that humans can now grow wings and fly wherever they wish to? No Visa, No Airplanes, No Boundaries. You are free. The exhilarating feeling which gives you a taste of pure freedom. What if?

Today’s word for the #AtoZChallenge is:

Wings – What do wings mean to me? I’ll go beyond the format and share a …

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With the right tunes & spaces,
As your heart opens up with grace,
Let it be for a while, it has been such a long wait,
To write, to write…

A homecoming so strong, it breaks you apart,
You have been far, far off from yourself,
Hear, look, listen, repeat,
Need so strong to revive…

Seesaw like life & riding on the brim,
Fear, anxiety, support as a mix,
So much to say, so less …

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Those long lost empty palms,
Of longing and visual debauchery,
Imagination so wild,
Yet curves so highly fragile,
The fire within so warm,
Fiery eyes, shivering fingers and thighs calm,
Oh, she missed him all night long,
The wait was felonious and desires enraged,
Of endless moments and centuries sacred,
A forest of his passion,
A beauty mirroring psalm,
A footstep before caution,
A kinship so pure,
Those scars chanting his name
and her body …

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The secret lies in all of silence,
When you speak to yourself a little discreetly,
Open up while you can,
Not just a can of worms aligned,
Take some time and do some soul search,
Realize what matters and what doesn’t,
If you do and pay attention,
You know what’s on stake and what’s redundant,
But amid all of this, remember so big is Love,
Take time to be grateful for all it has done,…

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Rui ka ek baksa, uski thi ek anokhee duniya,
Itne saare khwaabon ke saath,
Kahaan tha usko sukoon paana?
Kai raatein bechain, kai subahein betaab,
Kya koi sunta usse agar woh kuch kehta baje raat ke teen?

Ek din usne bhi rang apne dikhaaye,
Kho gaya jahan na pohoch sake nigaahein,
Har almaari, darwaaza, khidki kuch khaamosh,
Aakhir kahan tha mere chain ka waaris?
Jo aaraam dekar khud jaagta rehta?

Phir ek awaaz aayi bartan …

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