For all the dark days and missing light,
I watch myself devoid of delight…

For all the nights which make me restless,
I see myself melting into hollowness…

For all the times I gave my all, to all,
I do not observe the value received…

In this modern world of selfishness,
All I see is get used to being used hue…

For every time I went beyond the line,
I see someone watching me creepily…

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Hope, we really do thrive on,
What else makes us move?
After all the pain and experiences,
How do you dilute?

This heart, such a fluke sometimes,
feeds you with so much despair,
Is it really so bad?
We ask again and again…

Dramatize, you should not, life and more,
We all have a role to play,
someone to convince, some to embrace,
Do we really try enough though?

They say you don’t get a

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Skin, this world keeps talking about skin and more,
I stay silent and in a corner and sometimes on display,
My eyes don’t blink, my hands don’t move,
But I am watching you, all the time in a non-creepy way…

How you walk, how you talk, how you treat people,
The only difference that I am not alive to judge you,
For all your actions, your presence doesn’t scare me,
I am fearless but I …

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So much to think and so much to apply,
So much to cater to, tad too less of assurance,
Those quick naps, a little rest when we grab,
How come these demons play along?

The last person you saw, met and had a word or two,
Imaginations ruminate, make a story so soon,
Surprise, the thoughts scream in our minds,
Who thought that moment shall so deeply be inscribed?

The good news though is we …

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Inspiration, admiration or love, choose your words,
Sometimes respect has got all of this covered,
A little bit of every spice, a little bit of sweetened smile,
You have to give him a little nudge, despite…

Of many flavours in life, he chose the one he could afford,
Not just measured in consequences but determination that lasts,
Surfaced not suddenly but eventually with his struggles,
Not just in the name of name and fame but …

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