Each morning comes with a new ray,
Of lost hopes & darkness survived,
Broken glasses & invisible thought swords,
Am I a lost purpose in world full of ambitions?

A feeling so helpless & full of uncertainty,
Unspoken verses of reality hidden in my chest,
That desire to walk away between the greens,
Am I a lost purpose in world full of ambitions?

Plastic smiles and dreams full of lead,
That bullet straight from anger’s

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Haan kuch toh hoon, kahin toh hoon,
Aaj har woh mukaam par nahi, jo socha,
Par jahan gir kar uth saka, uth kar gir saka,
Har us unchaai ki aakhri eent ka pehlu sa,
Meri soch ke daayre se pare,
Jo mujhe thodi aur door le chala,
Jahaan aaj hoon, wahin kal bhi tha, thoda behtar,
Thoda sa sehma hua…

Har chehre ke peeche ek soch, har soch ke peeche ek chehra,
Meri umeedon ka …

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Same pair of eyes, hands, ears and emotions,

Taken down on the heart or pages,

Doesn’t matter how we express,

We aren’t different than you,

We just want to express in words and ink,

No doubt you might not love rhymes or verse,

A little help on the shoulder still works wonders,

Those same experiences, struggles and heartbreaks,

We are friends with different accolades,

Some of us are called introvert, others confident,

Some generalize us …

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