An ode for you straight from my heart,
The way you capture my senses
transport me to another world altogether aghast
I have less words to describe what you are…

To me, to my life, to my situations,
All I know is that you matter
and I’d never let you go
of my playlists, of my nerves, of my soul…

You make me dance on the saddest of days,
You take care of me like

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Communication, it’s so important these days to communicate well. To break the barriers of misunderstanding, indifference and hatred, the more you express, the more you get clarity but to possess the patience and will to communicate only comes with experience and a fe heartbroken moments. These moments make you stronger in the long run, for better.

Sometimes you come across little messages which explain you the meaning of life in so less words but they …

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Music, how I am so indebted to this invention. I am not sure how I would have survived without this magic. While we all have different choices, music binds us all and makes us feel one across the globe. Any artist from no matter where in the world can connect with us through their tunes. Lately as you saw the big bang performance of Cold play and how their merger with A.R Rahman resonated with …

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