We are not at our hundred percent every day but we can always try to reach out to our original potential which we know of, at least. Sometimes others explore the potential in us and other times it comes as a surprise. Nonetheless, beyond laziness and lethargy, we can find a zone which might not be quite comfortable but a place where you can create magic with your hidden talents.

Today’s word for the #AtoZChallenge …

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Swift fingers on the tap of that tune,

Ruffling hair and those unread pages,

A look in the eye of the sky, windows waving,

Friend from the universe hugging your claims,

There’s a different relation, a beautiful sanity,

Aren’t we looking for it in everyone we meet?


In our loneliness, regrets and sorcery,

A bunch of strangers and secret agony,

Jealous from some, apathy for others,

A little ahead from us, a little behind …

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