I know I am a bit delayed on starting on with this challenge because, yeah weekend but then better late than never.

So here I begin the journey of 26 words, 26 posts, an amazing challenge and a month full of blogging. To reiterate my theme, it’s going to be 26 words of my choice and my detailed interpretation of the same.

The first word to start this challenge is ADMIRE. Going beyond the dictionary …

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It’s so beautiful when something inspires you to write after a long break and as I saw this topic #InternationalDayOfHappiness trend on Twitter, I couldn’t resist but write on it.

If you go to this thread and read all what is shared, you are only going to smile and smile more and I am glad I came across this today for all the events happening in my life. It has become so difficult to stay …

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With the right tunes & spaces,
As your heart opens up with grace,
Let it be for a while, it has been such a long wait,
To write, to write…

A homecoming so strong, it breaks you apart,
You have been far, far off from yourself,
Hear, look, listen, repeat,
Need so strong to revive…

Seesaw like life & riding on the brim,
Fear, anxiety, support as a mix,
So much to say, so less …

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Those long lost empty palms,
Of longing and visual debauchery,
Imagination so wild,
Yet curves so highly fragile,
The fire within so warm,
Fiery eyes, shivering fingers and thighs calm,
Oh, she missed him all night long,
The wait was felonious and desires enraged,
Of endless moments and centuries sacred,
A forest of his passion,
A beauty mirroring psalm,
A footstep before caution,
A kinship so pure,
Those scars chanting his name
and her body …

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Communication, it’s so important these days to communicate well. To break the barriers of misunderstanding, indifference and hatred, the more you express, the more you get clarity but to possess the patience and will to communicate only comes with experience and a fe heartbroken moments. These moments make you stronger in the long run, for better.

Sometimes you come across little messages which explain you the meaning of life in so less words but they …

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