Touch, feel, breathe, remember,
sometimes it feels all good, at other not so much,
but didn’t you say I love you?
Oh, did I? sometimes I wonder…

Lesser than less words work better,
vibes play a big role if you fathom,
for all that I contained inside,
spills like my favorite drink on the table…

The space between our bodies, those goosebumps,
they knew better than our rushing blood,
and how these eyes spoke every

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Hope, we really do thrive on,
What else makes us move?
After all the pain and experiences,
How do you dilute?

This heart, such a fluke sometimes,
feeds you with so much despair,
Is it really so bad?
We ask again and again…

Dramatize, you should not, life and more,
We all have a role to play,
someone to convince, some to embrace,
Do we really try enough though?

They say you don’t get a

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Flash backs are important, they keep you grounded and remind you of the best people you have ever met in your life or are related to. Especially family, your loved ones, as they say blood is thicker than water, always. Don’t you sometimes feel blessed about the family you are born in, the people who you call your family? I am sure you do.

I think there’s this thing with vibrations, the right ones, they …

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Gratitude is one of the most talked topics these days and I think it should be, the more we know about it, listen and apply, the more life gets better. In a generation where the word Sorry is abused and Thank you is underused, we need to go back to some basics and learn the art of being thankful. It not only adds to the feel good factor but it also makes us a better …

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Ringing doorbell, raging heartbeats as the longing finds a closure,
She looks for her in every corner as the knocks become harder,
A smell so known grips her imagination,
Her face so clear in her mind, as she approaches the door,
A little window between their fantasies,
Back to the time when they found each other,
One smiling selflessly between a bunch of friends,
Another sitting silently in a corner sipping her drink,
Love clinked

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