Determination,  that’s the word. Today as I write to continue my series and one step ahead in my #AtoZChallenge, I couldn’t, till right now, my post was ready with the title and thought but the ink couldn’t just flow. Isn’t life strange? Sometimes the biggest strengths make you feel weak and a failure. There might be phases and outbursts of bad situations in life but when it strikes an important part, you cannot feel stable …

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Illusions, they make our life so interesting yet confusing because what we see is not what is real and what’s real is not what you actually see, basically you are fooled and amused at the same time. Maybe this is a kind of a magical superpower. But we have experts all around the world and in every field who can tell us what the difference is all about.

Today’s word for the #AtoZChallenge:

Nuance –

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Another cup of tea, mid week for this one as Friday is a holiday and so many thoughts ruling the mind about different things. There are times you give due importance to the needed and sometimes we simply waste our energy and vibe over things which don’t hold value in the long run.

If you have been over thinking lately about a million things, trust me, take a break, prioritize and set some goals for …

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Eighth day and running strong with the #AtoZChallenge. Sometimes all it takes is a little determination and initiative towards indulging in what makes you distant from the routine. When we make time for ourselves, we learn how to manage time better for other things.

Coming to today’s word for the #AtoZChallenge:

Happiness – Ah! One of my favorite words and there’s no end to what it defines to me. I’ll try and keep it short, …

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I know I am a bit delayed on starting on with this challenge because, yeah weekend but then better late than never.

So here I begin the journey of 26 words, 26 posts, an amazing challenge and a month full of blogging. To reiterate my theme, it’s going to be 26 words of my choice and my detailed interpretation of the same.

The first word to start this challenge is ADMIRE. Going beyond the dictionary …

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