Hope, we really do thrive on,
What else makes us move?
After all the pain and experiences,
How do you dilute?

This heart, such a fluke sometimes,
feeds you with so much despair,
Is it really so bad?
We ask again and again…

Dramatize, you should not, life and more,
We all have a role to play,
someone to convince, some to embrace,
Do we really try enough though?

They say you don’t get a

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Nobody ever gives up too easily and the amount of strength one has shown to face every struggle is enormous, we never know what the story looked like, what the other person went through, we only see they gave up, we judge that they are weak, selfish and mean. But that might not be the case always, have you ever bothered to hear the story? To know what went wrong? To understand the situation? Maybe …

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