Each morning comes with a new ray,
Of lost hopes & darkness survived,
Broken glasses & invisible thought swords,
Am I a lost purpose in world full of ambitions?

A feeling so helpless & full of uncertainty,
Unspoken verses of reality hidden in my chest,
That desire to walk away between the greens,
Am I a lost purpose in world full of ambitions?

Plastic smiles and dreams full of lead,
That bullet straight from anger’s

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Beginnings and ends are always dramatic may what the situation is. The high of that moment is momentary but most of the struggle lies before the start or before the end. As this challenge comes to an end very soon coupled with the other challenges in life, it has only proved to me that if you know what you are doing, you know what you want, everything else is just farce.

Today’s word for the …

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There are times when we take ownership and times when we don’t care who owns the situation, in any case, all we know is we want it to bring peace to our hearts and minds. Don’t we?

Life is not easy as it appears from the outer cover, what lies inside defines the true meaning of struggle, experiences and success. We fall, we get up. We get up, we try again. We try again, we …

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It’s not every time you are going to make sense but sometimes you just pour your heart out and the entire world can resonate with your emotions.

Here are 11 times I wrote something and I felt it reached a lot of hearts in need:

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