Creative Writing

When darkness surrounds you and nothing feels right, you want to be transported into a completely new world which restores faith and trust in existing as a human being. Recently I have been watching a TV series which is a lot negative and dark and that information fed to my mind sometimes keeps me negative but how do I get back to reality? So it was a couple of nights ago when I thought about …

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Day 2, a Monday but the determination to write, contribute and spread the word of writing never ends. Sometimes, the creativity is not in built but the way an artist struggles to explore his/her own potential, and here I am with my second post for the #AtoZChallenge.

The word for today is:

Benign – Humanity, support and kindness have been my favorite traits since I can say I have possibly started understanding the real meaning …

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Almost another end of week, anticipation of wanting to sleep through the weekend or do things you really haven’t got time to do and hope of smiling through the start of next week, yes it’s Thursday but we always love Fridays and hate Mondays, but what we actually do not like is what we are doing with our lives.

In the past week all I have been brooding over is the fact if I am …

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Recalling from April 2015, this morning I was just thinking about certain points on how to take care of your emotions while starting a new day so that it keeps your state of mind balanced and sane. I had written five points which might help each one of you to make every day a little better than yesterday.


Let me just explain this in a little more elaborate way for you to understand the impact:…

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Isn’t it unfair? Why did this happen to me? When will things be alright?
How often do you find yourself asking these questions? Quite a bit, right?

I believe there’s always a reason behind every single thing which happens, every situation we go through and every moment of pain and happiness we experience. We can choose between complaining about all the wrong that’s happening or rejoice in the small joys. It’s always a choice. Human …

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