It’s not every time you are going to make sense but sometimes you just pour your heart out and the entire world can resonate with your emotions.

Here are 11 times I wrote something and I felt it reached a lot of hearts in need:

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Recalling from April 2015, this morning I was just thinking about certain points on how to take care of your emotions while starting a new day so that it keeps your state of mind balanced and sane. I had written five points which might help each one of you to make every day a little better than yesterday.


Let me just explain this in a little more elaborate way for you to understand the impact:…

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Growing up! These two words together kind of give us a reminder to the most intense of our experiences. Don’t they? While the perception says it sucks to grow up, what we realize and yet don’t accept is that it makes us stronger.

Today, the world is talking about Children’s Day, how to retain the child within you or bring out in you. Did we actually though ever embraced the child in ourselves, admired and …

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When we say or hear, “You know, it’s not easy.” these days, it has got a different depth altogether and probably we are not to be blamed for our indecisiveness. With more and more options coming up in our life with things and people, we as humans tend to sway and then regret sometimes. Most of us have lost that power of decision making because what we see, observe, feel and decide can come to …

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Another day when I find a brilliant initiative by Mayuri and Tina to write 100 word fiction on photo prompts every Friday called #FridayFotoFiction. Here’s this week’s prompt:


My Story:

Attachment. Isn’t it too much of a deep emotion? May it be with a pet, a person, a thing or even an experience?

Aastha booked her ticket costing INR 1 lakh back to her home town. Why would she do so when she was a …

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