Ashwini Dodani

Illusions, they make our life so interesting yet confusing because what we see is not what is real and what’s real is not what you actually see, basically you are fooled and amused at the same time. Maybe this is a kind of a magical superpower. But we have experts all around the world and in every field who can tell us what the difference is all about.

Today’s word for the #AtoZChallenge:

Nuance –

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Life is not easy for anyone but the one who keeps trying, makes a significant mark in the world may it be to a smaller set of people, their achievements and efforts are well recognized and appreciated. We always strive to be better when we find a sufficient amount of motivation but that will not always be the case, a lot of times you will have to be your own mentor, your own savior.

Today’s …

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Same pair of eyes, hands, ears and emotions,

Taken down on the heart or pages,

Doesn’t matter how we express,

We aren’t different than you,

We just want to express in words and ink,

No doubt you might not love rhymes or verse,

A little help on the shoulder still works wonders,

Those same experiences, struggles and heartbreaks,

We are friends with different accolades,

Some of us are called introvert, others confident,

Some generalize us …

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Maybe this life was a gift and we unwrapped it soon,

Maybe the ribbon was of gold and we mistook it for dust,

Maybe the box was of wood and we broke it apart,

Maybe we are full of serendipity and anxiety…


Maybe we lost too many friends in this journey,

Maybe our family misses us more than anybody,

Maybe our passions, goals and ambitions play enemies,

Maybe we should consider  the dearth of …

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There are only a few people who see benefits of others when they are trying to reach their own goals and today I am going to speak about a certain someone, who has not just taken her passion to another level but her vision is to make this world, a better place by connecting like minded people, getting more people to experience blogging and make sure that everyone benefits from her own will to reach …

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