Kabhi tumne uthkar subah yeh socha ke zinadgi se kya paaya?

Soch tumhari kabhi le gai us taraf jaha hai aasli saaya?
Khushi ne tumhe di muskaan kya hain tumhe gyaan?
Kyu koste ho us zindagi ko jisne tumhe dia haseen pyaar aur nazook chaaya?
Piche dekhoge toh sochoge hain kya is zindagi main tumne kia?
Kyu nahi tumhe kimat jo tumne hain asli maayno main paaya?
Cheezo ke peeche bhagoge toh lagegi ek zindagi …
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Relationships is the word i want to start this article with and want to discuss some main topics where in the word trust
prevails and i want to become more clear about this because today this word has become a game for the youth or i will also
say the grown-ups as the word is its losing its worth in the world among the people and in our perception.In day to day
life we see …
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Today i want to go run out of my city,
Break all the speed breakers and roam totally wity,
No boundaries i want to block my path,
Degrees of freedom are gonna be infinity.

Rules,regulations and promises one makes,
When does the betrayer of the life follows them?
Everything is done on the will of a determined human,
Thought is same that, what’s the use of giving it a try?

Today i see just the …

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From the word “Mother” we all are familiar from always and also the one’s who really have no idea who is a mother(in regards to orphans) its something a deeprooted thing that the most caring person in this world or the most defencing,protecting creature of the world is mother.We also know most of the times the newborn which is like a palm-size which grows slowly with that care of the mother touch gets so used …

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Far you have been from me so long,
Baby i can’t express the way i miss u and am fond,
Want you to say you love me again though,
Are you hiding it due to the responsibilities along?

The distance has today made us fall apart,
How can you survive without my charm?
Days of togetherness were so lovable,
Now why is it that i can’t control my calm?

Come,come,come am waiting for you still,…

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