From the atom size you grow to molecule,
and life makes you to follow the schedule,
fall, walk, and you try to run,
But once you find that is it worth the fun?

School is a place you never wanted to go,
tears in eyes but still you had to sow,
seeds which will take you to the top,
feel you that why is we have to stop?

Things you receive from the childhood say,

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I don’t ask for your each moment,
I don’t want you to remain coherent,
Just spend a little while with me,
With a minute of intimacy.

You see my love you see my care,
One day you left me with total despair,
You are happy which gives me pleasure,
But inside the loneliness kills all the flair.

Such day will come was never been thought,
But life is a surprise where we are caught,
When …

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Day one we start really from and reach we to day last,
What makes us live through and really make it to the fast?
Where are we and where we would be is the question?
Are we really mastering life or playing badminton-kabaddi?

Pressures are something we never can trade-off,
Yes i know economics define it better then i said,
Knowing but what to have is in our hand as RTI,
Is it really we
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Lookin for what are you my man?
Is it the figure odd or the real women?
What will you achieve by getting the body?
Have you ever gone through the real women thinking?

Gold,silver or money you offer her,
Security can you still give her through?
Why you are trapped in a money order?
When you can give a smile with a flute.

Never one asks for pleasures through the life,
At some moment you
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