I certainly don’t know why i chose this topic to write upon but mostly to my knowledge i have observed and through my own experience i have come to know that this is one of those situations which most of us have to suffer some day, some time, some moment in our Life and we always try to mess it up with many things of our Life. So i am going to describe a few …
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Holding hands together we can,

what we cannot is what i think?
Why we are together and rigid?
what can make us the life so thin?

Meant were we to meet some day,
yes he knew and made such path,
make he follow the path of love,
earlier it was tough but now its all easy apart.

Love we each other so much and true,
why is that the pinch of salt (tears)?
God is

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From the pores of the heart it flows,
love doesn’t knows any flaws,
when you give it unconditionally,
it comes back to you so smoothly.

If you know what it is in real,
you never run for the paths unreal,
find you true love in between,
and make it your strength with the feel.

Dedication,trust,faith you always possess,
insecurity drives you with the possessiveness,
Love makes you go on and on forever,
tears u flow

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Jab lie tum janam toh kaha tha uaa,
jab hue kuch bade to the thode nazook,
jab bolna chaha toh kuch bhi keh chale,
samja har koi par tum samaj na sake.

Aayein ho kyu tum is dunia ki bheed mai,
kya hai tumhari manzil ki asli raah,
kya tum jaan chuke the us kokh mai hi,
ki dunia hai zaalim aur karni hai fateh.

Aa chuke tum jab aaj yahaan,
kya chahte ho tum
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