Heart: Do you know what they keep speaking about you behind your back? The way they blame your instincts and the capacity to ruin people, lives and emotions? Don’t you ever feel like proving them wrong? Sometimes I feel pity for you because for all the good you are responsible for, the bad just overshadows it and you are simply judged.

Mind: That’s really kind of you, dear heart. While you are so protective of …

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For all the dark days and missing light,
I watch myself devoid of delight…

For all the nights which make me restless,
I see myself melting into hollowness…

For all the times I gave my all, to all,
I do not observe the value received…

In this modern world of selfishness,
All I see is get used to being used hue…

For every time I went beyond the line,
I see someone watching me creepily…

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Hope, we really do thrive on,
What else makes us move?
After all the pain and experiences,
How do you dilute?

This heart, such a fluke sometimes,
feeds you with so much despair,
Is it really so bad?
We ask again and again…

Dramatize, you should not, life and more,
We all have a role to play,
someone to convince, some to embrace,
Do we really try enough though?

They say you don’t get a

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When darkness surrounds you and nothing feels right, you want to be transported into a completely new world which restores faith and trust in existing as a human being. Recently I have been watching a TV series which is a lot negative and dark and that information fed to my mind sometimes keeps me negative but how do I get back to reality? So it was a couple of nights ago when I thought about …

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As kids, we are taught a lot of things to be a better individual and grown up, there are not so many responsibilities in our lives at that point of time and yet the flavor which each of the individuals get from their own families is surprising, we take up our parents’ or grandparents’ eyes, nose and some behavioral traits while the journey continues. Childhood is one of our greatest times of existence and most …

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