I am because Poetry is. Yes, it is impossible to not have a post on this special day and this is a small dedication from myself to the Poetry I write. 🙂
From the first day to this moment, my words didn’t have a way,
I didn’t know you; you didn’t know me in any way,
Probably they call it a talent, I still found you as a friend,
They say it is a writing
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Yes. I am not perfect.
I make mistakes, I learn.
I have regrets, I treasure.
I fall, I get up and be strong.
I do not worry about the consequences anymore.
I know things do change. I accept.
I am open to feedback, because improvement.
I am not perfect, I know I am not.

I wait for things to happen. I believe.
I might be curious. I am not desperate.
I want a million things.
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As you isolate yourself from the world,
A favorite corner and that favorite seat,
You lie back and dive in to memories,
Trying to consolidate as much as you can..
You judge yourself, You protect your mistakes,
You think why things go wrong, what went right,
Back with the belief, a pinch of faith to affirm,
You stand up strong just to go back to sleep..
Ticking clock, Unpainted walls, Spider webs,
Every atom in
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Like a beautiful adjustment and that feeling of giving,
You move aside when conscience pricks,
Not just that you haven’t been treated well,
But again a little bit of breathing..
Some unwanted pushes, a stack full of surprises,
May it be dreams, may it be reality kisses,
Relating to the pain you can, yes,
To be there for a stranger, to be left alone again..
Make at least one person believe, they ain’t not needed,
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As these clouds roar, as these winds blow,
As the floated memories give us a soar,
Remnants of inside bringing out a glow,
To let it be, To let it all just go..

To make it up for one life now,
Rest, Run, Ride on your pride,
Await there a handful of opportunities,
Again you will fall in love with those..

Souls, Words, Experiences make you what you are,
Don’t sit back, this hollowness is

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