From the deep roots of heart love begins,
n the lust sees no siblings,
n goes on the hardest path for the attainment,
while lust has the only one aim n excitement.
Bonds,limits and seperations is not seen by lOve,
whIle lusT remAins in The cOver above,
to feEl the exact mOment lOve wAits,
n lUst is all about waitin to get pAid!!
Enormous is less wOrd for imAgination of lovE,
n naRrowness is seEn …
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From The Last Glass Of Vodka Which Makes The Sound,

There Still Lies Some Dizziness On The Round,
Of Some Saturday When;Had Been To Pub
But Now I Cant Cos May Be I Am A Hub.
First Light Ray Of Sun When It Shines,
From Other Days, Its Of Another Kind,
Cos When It Sprinkles & Splashes Ur Face’s Hard Line,
You Wonder Oh Ma God Its 9!!
But Someday When Birds Don’t Chirp,
And …
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Form of god or the blessings shop,
Where the things are more than money, world and above,
She who has a golden heart,
And who forgives all although apart.

Loves she thy child whatever he is,
Criminal, lawyer, engineer or a mere piece,
She shelters him from the worlds hit,
And bears all the pain even if she cant keep.

We call her the mysterious angel or Hand of god,
Which will always remain on

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Amazing Is The Way Almighty Plans Life,
Sometime Its Loose Sometimes Its Tight,
No One Can Judge No One Can Rule,
Its Somewhere Human Is Fooled.

Giving Up Sad Moments & It Lightens Up As Light,
And Lightning Up Immediately Blows Off Bright,
Who Judges The Timing Of Whatever Happens,
Answer Comes Away Its Voice From Heaven.

Soul Is A Medium Through Which He Gives A Chance To Prove,
And Even He Allows To Freak
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