Hold as it slips away from your fragile hand,
Catch as it flies away to a wonderland,
Pause as it helps you move on,
The only way of life to surrender beautifully,
Yet be remembered,
Let Go, Let Go off it and release..
Make peace with yourself, accept the defeat,
Don’t call it a loss but a lesson on repeat,
It makes you what you couldn’t ever be,
Introspect, Unlearn, Understand, Foresee,
Let Go, Let
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It always takes a lot of determination when you are on the giving side but not really when it comes to the one who is on the receiving, isn’t it? Imagine if we have a generation where there is no poverty, no hunger and no reasons to be depressed about life, wouldn’t the happiness quotient go high? It all starts with awareness. One needs to know the need of the moment and child education, hunger
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Hi Everyone,
Time flies and so do changes happen in our lives. Don’t they? I remember it was my 100th post some time in October 2012 and how every reader of mine took time to go through it completely and congratulate me. Here is to another hundred. 🙂
To be frank, what I have gained by these next set of posts is:
1. You neither write for people to read your posts nor you write
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From roots to rigged feelings,
and a sunny walk to moonlight cages,
we shall hold ourselves,
and never let each other fall,
Baby, let’s skydive!
Baby, let’s skydive!
Show me your dark side,
let me tell you about my thoughts demise,
gathering pieces of silver dust,
we shall eternally shine,
Baby, let’s skydive!
Baby, let’s skydive!
Come closer, touch my soul,
Feel your heart, let me go console,
Haven’t you been waiting?
Haven’t you been
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She is from the sky, the place where the clouds race,
She is from the stars, where the universe smiles,
She is from the mountains, where the regrets scream,
She is from the rivers, where the tears find a meaning..

She is fearless, She is fierce, She is a dream, She is a performer,
She wants to achieve it all in a jiffy,
She doesn’t think twice, She is impulsive, She is the one who

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