These days, seasons has become synonymous to web-series, shows et al but today I am not here to speak about any new show but one of my very favorite initiatives by the Blogchatter community – My Friend Alexa. They are back with a bang with season 2 and this time it’s only bigger and better or so what I have heard (100+ participants).

The power of community is one of my core beliefs and I …

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Weekend and so many thoughts to make life better. What do you usually do on the weekend? I mostly sleep and eat it out. After stressing out all week, at least one day out of the two, I just rest and bring myself back to life. It’s important according to me. Yes, going out, changing your mind, doing different things is important, but so is balance.

Today’s word for the #AtoZChallenge is:

Sanctity – This …

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Knock Knock… Yes, it’s me. Your draft. I know you didn’t realize it that I could watch you, I could judge you, I could feel you and I could just be you. I am here to have a conversation with you today. And you have to listen to me.

What do you think of yourself? A writer? A poet? A news editor? What? All these are just designations or titles, what do you think you …

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Each one of us have a different definition of ‘Fitness’ and those who are dedicated to not skip workouts, find a way to continue their regular routine no matter what the season is.
Healthy habits are not just difficult to form but to maintain them, sometimes, feels like a task. Especially when it’s raining outside and you are still determined to go out for a jog or to the gym, you are compelled to stay
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Same-sex marriage has been in talks since ever and ages have passed since there’s nothing done about it. To value love, people’s choice and make sure they have enough rights to live this one life they have got is legit. And guess what? It’s now LEGIT for people out there in US; courtesy US Supreme Court.
Today 26th June, 2015 is a big day because US has legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. All 50 states under
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