Deeper the connection, deeper the void

Longer the bond, more the respite

Running through the day, sleepless nights

Surrendered to the almighty in hopes of comfort


I watch trees, and heightened skies

I watch kittens, birds, dogs and butterflies

How nature helps me find the meaning of true

I want to meet, tell and express it without intrigue


Neither love is indifferent nor rude

A beautiful feeling filled of varied hues

A little …

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Take it under your stride
Don’t let it rule you
Vulnerability is not a sham
Be open, be calm, be honest
It’s okay to cry and shed some tears
It’s tough for us all
You are not alone
Quitting is just a beginning
Forgiveness is a relief
Believe, Love and let it be
To be yourself is not a crime
You maybe imperfect
You might get anxiety attacks
You might fall every day
But you …
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As you walk through the wet road, can you see the cloth of your shoe tear?
While you head up to the invisible darkness, aren’t you fearful?
Where do you steal confidence from?
Why do you need to add a dash of arrogance though?

Success, not everyone’s cup of tea..
Failure, something not everyone can heal..
Let yourself be, take the pill..
Gulp the pain, walk up the hill..

Alone is not a sham, beauty …

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With that stare on the last drop of seasonal rain,
And heightened skies which dry up so soon,
The raging sunlight which delivers a message,
The calming moon which takes you aside..

Learn to observe the charisma of nature,
To be there amid a chunk of leisure,
Naked feet, Bare mind and a handful of memories,
Walk along the series of your own lullaby..

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In the moments of pain
In release of that gain
With every possible night
And sunshine which stays
Learn, you have got much more to learn..

Inspiration is all around
Success is another gate
Humility shall take you through
While you collect memories galore
Learn, you have got much more to learn..

Struggle makes you tougher
Love makes you calm
Sleeplessness makes you value
Emotions so deep
Learn, you have got much more to learn..…

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