Skin, my eyes are the favorite part of my skin,

What I see, what it makes me think, what it makes me devour,

At the end of  a long day, when I close them it’s more than an orgasm,

How I yearn to feel those unfulfilled dreams…


I drop my vulnerabilities and insecurities like make up,

I throw my fears and instability like my long worn dress,

I look for a cocoon inside my …

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Stream back to those times when you were young,

Younger than your sibling and the only one,

How the skies appeared colorful to you,

and walking on the grass felt so nice, unintentionally…


Flow ahead of those moments of guilty pleasures,

When you used to indulge selflessly in chocolate wrappers,

Beautiful eyes of the lady and a moon shining on her forehead,

and that trust filled palms carrying you as a non-profit…


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You. Yes you. Do you know what you have done to me? I know.

You are the only face I know and remember distinctly.

You are the only voice I can hear even when my inner voice is silent.

You are the only person I want around me. Am I obsessed? Maybe.

You are the only body I want to hug and deep dive in to.

You are the only set of palms which I …

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This is a weekly prompt given by @BlogChatter on twitter and I take up this opportunity to write a poem on it. Here it goes:

If you want me to share a secret,

If you wish to know more of me,

If you can reflect on the way my eyes move,

If you can hear my silence adhering,

Can I confess something, if yes, this is what I want to know…


These clouds talk …

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It’s that time of the year, how we met a few years back?
Do you remember the hesitation? the way we looked at each other?
How even a handshake used to give shivers down our spines?
And those stares weren’t less than lip locks?

I miss you and the way we used to make love without touching each other,
Those random laughs and cheek close selfies,
How our skin rubbed to make us feel close…

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