You. Yes you. Do you know what you have done to me? I know.

You are the only face I know and remember distinctly.

You are the only voice I can hear even when my inner voice is silent.

You are the only person I want around me. Am I obsessed? Maybe.

You are the only body I want to hug and deep dive in to.

You are the only set of palms which I …

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This is a weekly prompt given by @BlogChatter on twitter and I take up this opportunity to write a poem on it. Here it goes:

If you want me to share a secret,

If you wish to know more of me,

If you can reflect on the way my eyes move,

If you can hear my silence adhering,

Can I confess something, if yes, this is what I want to know…


These clouds talk …

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It’s that time of the year, how we met a few years back?
Do you remember the hesitation? the way we looked at each other?
How even a handshake used to give shivers down our spines?
And those stares weren’t less than lip locks?

I miss you and the way we used to make love without touching each other,
Those random laughs and cheek close selfies,
How our skin rubbed to make us feel close…

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From the branches of a tree to the roots of a river

And texts which the road sends & sunlight so smeared

I’ll wait for you near the milestone we achieved

To take you back to the memories, visit them to receive

Fulfill the lack we felt & imagination drawn on skin’s niche

Flying across borders breaking all the myths

The last cup of coffee, the last page of that diary

From the pages of

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Deeper the connection, deeper the void

Longer the bond, more the respite

Running through the day, sleepless nights

Surrendered to the almighty in hopes of comfort


I watch trees, and heightened skies

I watch kittens, birds, dogs and butterflies

How nature helps me find the meaning of true

I want to meet, tell and express it without intrigue


Neither love is indifferent nor rude

A beautiful feeling filled of varied hues

A little …

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