Don’t tell me about the tunes you heard,

Tell me about the feelings you felt,

As I burn myself to feed you light,

Don’t speak of your introspection and respite…


We all are from another world to each other,

Yet attached to one somehow,

I hear your sobs at midnight and think,

What made you cry, what made you feel so sunk?




I won’t tell you to be like me, that’s bill’s …

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Not necessarily thorns make you flow,

Words are enough to cut your throat,

Like a sword hanging on your head called depression,

Like a beautiful bottle of venom being your muse,

Worry like that dark night calling your name,

In death, surrender and pitiful fame,

Make sure you are stronger than the strongest,

Believe in yourself because that’s the only option left,

We all can relate to the struggles you face,

We hide ours as …

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Throws her hair back and how her cheeks go blush red,

Her shivering hands appearing of cherry trees in their form,

That ear to ear smile like a thick half read novel,

And how her bosom shot visions of imaginative colors…


Every move of her as she sat around the swing that evening,

How the sun didn’t feel like setting down because of her beauty,

The nature gave up to her innocence momentarily,

And …

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Neither the skies have changed nor the grass,

Look up to the moon and the same old sun,

The dates have flipped like the pages do,

Only to bring you a new set of inspiration…


Same old path to tread with new hopes & dash of smiles,

Those doors which mesmerize you to break open,

Of broken locks and lost keys,

A new destination altogether to go to…


Blue caps of pen & …

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Skin, my eyes are the favorite part of my skin,

What I see, what it makes me think, what it makes me devour,

At the end of  a long day, when I close them it’s more than an orgasm,

How I yearn to feel those unfulfilled dreams…


I drop my vulnerabilities and insecurities like make up,

I throw my fears and instability like my long worn dress,

I look for a cocoon inside my …

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