Swift fingers on the tap of that tune,

Ruffling hair and those unread pages,

A look in the eye of the sky, windows waving,

Friend from the universe hugging your claims,

There’s a different relation, a beautiful sanity,

Aren’t we looking for it in everyone we meet?


In our loneliness, regrets and sorcery,

A bunch of strangers and secret agony,

Jealous from some, apathy for others,

A little ahead from us, a little behind …

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Same pair of eyes, hands, ears and emotions,

Taken down on the heart or pages,

Doesn’t matter how we express,

We aren’t different than you,

We just want to express in words and ink,

No doubt you might not love rhymes or verse,

A little help on the shoulder still works wonders,

Those same experiences, struggles and heartbreaks,

We are friends with different accolades,

Some of us are called introvert, others confident,

Some generalize us …

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Maybe this life was a gift and we unwrapped it soon,

Maybe the ribbon was of gold and we mistook it for dust,

Maybe the box was of wood and we broke it apart,

Maybe we are full of serendipity and anxiety…


Maybe we lost too many friends in this journey,

Maybe our family misses us more than anybody,

Maybe our passions, goals and ambitions play enemies,

Maybe we should consider  the dearth of …

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Rejoice, the curtains have dropped,

The artist in you can relax,

No pressure, no targets, no blames,

Consider yourself free, the devil said…


Free of sins, full of forgiveness, yet caged,

I know what you have gone through, child,

I don’t say I can understand, but I empathize,

Oh, beautiful soul, there’s no one rescued…


Walk away, pause, speed, I have given you controls,

Misuse though, don’t,

Trust is the factor everyone banks …

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Looking at the sky, I wonder sometimes,

Does nature have all the answers?

I roam around the roads, I drop a sigh,

To see so much of drama in every pore…


No answers, no questions, everything just stays still,

A little bit of belief, an uncertainty to kill,

The journey never ends, the thoughts never fit the bill,

Who do you go to and say it all?


Pages upturned, words unwritten, love unexpressed,…

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