Maybe this life was a gift and we unwrapped it soon,

Maybe the ribbon was of gold and we mistook it for dust,

Maybe the box was of wood and we broke it apart,

Maybe we are full of serendipity and anxiety…


Maybe we lost too many friends in this journey,

Maybe our family misses us more than anybody,

Maybe our passions, goals and ambitions play enemies,

Maybe we should consider ┬áthe dearth of …

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Rejoice, the curtains have dropped,

The artist in you can relax,

No pressure, no targets, no blames,

Consider yourself free, the devil said…


Free of sins, full of forgiveness, yet caged,

I know what you have gone through, child,

I don’t say I can understand, but I empathize,

Oh, beautiful soul, there’s no one rescued…


Walk away, pause, speed, I have given you controls,

Misuse though, don’t,

Trust is the factor everyone banks …

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Looking at the sky, I wonder sometimes,

Does nature have all the answers?

I roam around the roads, I drop a sigh,

To see so much of drama in every pore…


No answers, no questions, everything just stays still,

A little bit of belief, an uncertainty to kill,

The journey never ends, the thoughts never fit the bill,

Who do you go to and say it all?


Pages upturned, words unwritten, love unexpressed,…

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Soaring high above the sky like an eagle,

Breaking every myth which seems so real,

Closing doors of anonymity and ridiculousness,

I build my own road, my own faith and my own story,

Pain, blood, hurt, compromise have befriended me for life,

Fear is my slave I ride on, crossing the clouds, containing a rainbow,

With the intense rush inside me, I moan my desires,

Flipping stained pages of memories,

Seducing transformed phases of …

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Tonight is the one where I plan to devour you as my secret diary,

Every drop of ink etched on your paged skin, I’d love to explore,

The way you fold yourself when you fall asleep,

The way worries settle as dust on the cover of your imagination,

Let them free, for tonight is the one where we are meant to be co-authored,

Do you hear this heart beating as fast as a professional runner …

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