From The Last Glass Of Vodka Which Makes The Sound,

There Still Lies Some Dizziness On The Round,
Of Some Saturday When;Had Been To Pub
But Now I Cant Cos May Be I Am A Hub.
First Light Ray Of Sun When It Shines,
From Other Days, Its Of Another Kind,
Cos When It Sprinkles & Splashes Ur Face’s Hard Line,
You Wonder Oh Ma God Its 9!!
But Someday When Birds Don’t Chirp,
And …
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Form of god or the blessings shop,
Where the things are more than money, world and above,
She who has a golden heart,
And who forgives all although apart.

Loves she thy child whatever he is,
Criminal, lawyer, engineer or a mere piece,
She shelters him from the worlds hit,
And bears all the pain even if she cant keep.

We call her the mysterious angel or Hand of god,
Which will always remain on

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Hidden Is Something We Say For Truth,
And For False We Don’t Have Any Proof,
Truth Is A Jewel Which Shines Someone’s Persona,
And Fake Is Something Which Breaks It More.

Confidence Lies In One Who Is true,
And One Who Is Wrong Shivers In Blue,
Appreciation He Gets Who Follows The True Path,
And Sometimes Get A Beat As A Scar!!
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Some say its body,some say its skin,
But he is only one,who knows what lies within,
Colour,Caste,Creed they differentiate with;
But Cant they understand its all a myth

Feeling that rises from a point of time,
Pushes us towards it so we get aleast a chime;
Every single body has wish to reach in;
And So evrybody tries to go best place & get in.

Materialistic things, & things which shine,
Attract most people like
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