The dark thoughts of mind are going steep,
Where is the pain going to jump and leap,
Why is that missing is the sleep,
Is it the insomnia or any other reason deep?

Moments of the past are never gonna leave me i know,
I have prepared the mind to go sweep and slow,
The killing silence and the surroundings around,
Are they the reason who are making me feel that sound?

Alone i have …

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When i see her eyes dont ask me what my heart feels,
Because heart is the only one who stares and steals,
I cant look above the life of hers,
and see my aim to full fill all her dreams.

The way she carries herself i cant express,
And can wear anythin suit,jeans or dress,
Shine in her eyes and lips could faint anybody,
And why isn’t she mine is every guy worrying.

When she …

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Know of a road close by, a plain and simple stretch
that I knew led home …with gentle curves somewhere
Stepped along with me many, on the common street
Some walked some ran some stumbled along
While I too ran and I too walked I always stayed behind
For a glimpse of the passing meadows my eyes tore from.

Went up hill with the home made bread,
Climbed and climbed and climbed.
And on the …

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When in this world we find hundred of topics to read,learn or write we probably might not be able to see those beings who are just hiding their feelings,who are just pretending to be normal, who are just happy when people are around them, who feel their life is with their freinds, their family but few of them not all i will say are those who have the heartiest feelings going on in their mind …

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From the first look to the last stare,
Remains with you is your Best Friend,
And never leaves you alone in any phase,
Defences he in your every case!!

One who thinks always good for you,
And always work & proves it true,
One who wakes up at night at 2,
And also can control going to the loo ;)!!

Who goes to any extent to see you smile,
And gets excited even its for …

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