Daud daud kar manzil ko paana aur khudko gale lagana,
Khoon pasine ki kamaai se hain mujhe ghar chalaana,
Thak chuka hu main ab is duniya main jeene se aur kuch alag sa hain lagta,
Bas aur ab nahi seh sakta.
Bacha kya hain aajkal duniya main na paisa hain na pyaar,
Har insaan aaj hain ro raha aur maang raha maut ki bagawaat,
Paisewale ya bagair paiso ke bhi insaan hain nahi sukhi,
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If you see it from my sight and realise the difficulties,
Come sit by my side and feel as if its all tight,
Why do you think i gave up and take me as someone weak?
Do you really think losing was a fashionable freak?

Sweat and blood i too have given in my life,
Don’t take me someone light as i can still manage the fight,
Loads of tries have made me go in
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Phase of a life faced by all and still no option left,
Work you for hours and still have the insecurity of theft,
Living you earn for the family all know but still is it enough?
Why is that then you toil,fall,get hurt and still go work?

Hard will you work and get success sure is your belief,
Happiness is going to be seen with your family’s seek,
Oh my child but yet miles to
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Kabhi tumne uthkar subah yeh socha ke zinadgi se kya paaya?

Soch tumhari kabhi le gai us taraf jaha hai aasli saaya?
Khushi ne tumhe di muskaan kya hain tumhe gyaan?
Kyu koste ho us zindagi ko jisne tumhe dia haseen pyaar aur nazook chaaya?
Piche dekhoge toh sochoge hain kya is zindagi main tumne kia?
Kyu nahi tumhe kimat jo tumne hain asli maayno main paaya?
Cheezo ke peeche bhagoge toh lagegi ek zindagi …
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Today i want to go run out of my city,
Break all the speed breakers and roam totally wity,
No boundaries i want to block my path,
Degrees of freedom are gonna be infinity.

Rules,regulations and promises one makes,
When does the betrayer of the life follows them?
Everything is done on the will of a determined human,
Thought is same that, what’s the use of giving it a try?

Today i see just the …

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