Is it a God made world or a world made God?
what is the question when you see this hard?
Just seeing cannot make you toil,
go through the pain of the invisible sword.

Choice if it is, do you think it is easy?
Option if given will be definitely dizzy,
Do it or don’t the heart might be crying,
Yes you cannot see the upcoming dying.

Eyes of the others will always see you …

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With all the due respect for all the women i am jotting down what i feel now 🙂

Forms are different but one can you say,
do you really know what it want to convey,
what she is and what she does?
No you really don’t have any idea away.

Gives her she hands to caresse and kiss,
What you give her, the kitchen and fish,
Gives her she herself to felt loved so much,…

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Place it is odd but gets you a sort of God,
feel you good and bad at the same time,
meet you people really of the same kind,
or do you be like the one’s you meet?

Story it starts from a click on ‘Follow’,
ends it not so soon with a ‘Block’,
makes you friendly with the most unfriendly person,
and forget you how you used to ‘Stalk’.

Followers you see and your eyes

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Planned it wasn’t but it came along the way,
I was the main player of the fantastic play,
Hands were met in those lovely days,
With those some people who had went so stray.

I never understood till it came to my light,
Why is everything going wrong but so right?
Depressed, frustrated i was for sure,
But some ways it showed me Almighty’s plight.

Met i someone strange but still so familiar,
conversed i …

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