A form of substance it starts from,
The mixture divines which compels to come,
A creature such made so crisp,
We take its care to the core even when it whines.
Walks a bit and on the ring bells he runs,
With coming days responsibilities occur,
Days of childhood he cannot understand,
Miss he will the precious moments clamped.
A time of joy, the power to destroy,
Loves he all and gets loved by many,
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Yun zulfe jo teri lehrai, aankhein aasman chu aayi,
Jo tere is pal ki muskaan, ek lamha chin laayi,
Is aangan mai lipta us pate ka toot jaana,
Na mera raha tu, na us prakruti ka ho saka.

Ek aahat si tere chune mai, ek garmi teri badan ki,
Na mehsoos kia dil ne, us chubhan ko ya jalan ko,
Hua yeh aise pyaar kuch narm dil,
Mai na sardi seh paaya, na barsaat dil
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He started amateur for sure but he know he had to go long,
He planned things on the way along, knew he had to face the stings,
Impediments he had to face, it was a part of the journey,
Something he could take with him was smiles and the galore.

Anxious, Worried, Threatened he felt the first city he entered,
Pacified, Calm, Amalgam were the pinch of surroundings,
He never thought to leave his home

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Kya aap keh sakte hai ke aap hai kuch behtar?
Kya kisi ne aapse kaha hai ki aap hai kuch behtar?
Kya aap kisi ko dekh paaye hai jo hai kuch behtar?
Kya kabhi aapne kabhi socha hai ki banke dekhe kuch behtar?
Aaj agar zindagi ek boond zyada jeeya toh laga kuch behtar,
Aaj jab kisi andhe ko raasta dikhaya toh laga kuch behtar,
Aaj kisi ne mujhse koi umeed lagayi toh laga kuch …
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If i could write a thousand words~ it still would feel like an incomplete bird~ who is still unborn and in the fur. #micropoetry

Back called support is what we have~ the faith boundless in every drop of care~ the distance so long but the~dedication strong. #micropoetry

The pulp of her feelings~ mixed in to the sour and sweet drillings~ will make the most eternal~ relation ever. #micropoetry

Her eyes has those particles of the

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