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Love. Doesn’t even the word gives us jitters every time we read, write or listen to it? To me, it does.
A flash of a heap of memories, nostalgic moments, intimate encounters, places, texts, photos and a myriad of occurrences in our mind and everything just at once. This might just be a try to sum up the word called Love. But is that it? Not really.
To each his own definition and to every
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So long since I have written something on my blog and that’s not usual but I am writing somewhere else and that’s what matters but then this place has been my favorite and I can’t stop writing here, because this is the place where I initiated to write.
Reading the topic it seems so cliched because there is possibly nothing unsaid remaining in this world about Love and I don’t yearn people reading this post
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With a new year to begin and a lot of goals to achieve in the coming time, let’s welcome this time with a beautiful approach towards Life and because as we start the year it is meant to be, let’s be positive and optimistic about Life so that it just brings a lot of cheer.
Talking about Life, we all have so much to share, so much to express but we seldom do and a
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So as it is the last blog post for this year and one of my friend suggested me to write on sharing my work experience, here I am to tell you about a little about my office life and some insanely crazy people I work with.
First of all kudos to the Foxymoron team for being such a brilliant agency, giving me an opportunity to work with them and use my talent to its utmost.
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Life. Such a nice word when we listen to it, when it comes to get a news that someone is born, may it be a friend’s nephew, your own nephew, your own daughter/son, a pet giving birth to a dozen, but a lot of questions get birth too with every breath and trying to find justifications for them makes us define Life. Isn’t it?
Most of the times a new life is welcomed with hopes,
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