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Dear Mumbai,
This is a kind of an open letter to you. You are the place I have been residing for the last one and a half years, I need to have a word with you and so I thought of writing to you and expressing my feelings for you.
You used to be known as Bombay and I used to be known for nothing then. Today, I have a lot of things which you
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Some habits are easy to form while some easy routes taken, become habits.
I never thought that I will talk about it but somehow today’s journey made me feel that I should write about this experience. It is about the ten minute rickshaw journey I take from my home to the office everyday. Today, it was something different.
I took a rick to office which was driven by an old guy, maybe in his fifties
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It always takes a lot of determination when you are on the giving side but not really when it comes to the one who is on the receiving, isn’t it? Imagine if we have a generation where there is no poverty, no hunger and no reasons to be depressed about life, wouldn’t the happiness quotient go high? It all starts with awareness. One needs to know the need of the moment and child education, hunger
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Found yourself yet,
or running around in circles,
finding for a corner to sit,
and think on what’s left,
and what’s right to do?
Took a dive into dark seas,
or mesmerized by light enough,
to see what’s deserved,
or just did you let it be?
Pain is ought to make you numb,
but are you dumb enough?
To make it forget your existence,
and snatch away you from you,
and leave you in a
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Everyone talks about broken pieces with such a pride like it is something amazing to have or good to possess. Our perception on life keeps on changing to what is going on in the world, what is acceptable and what sells.
Yes, you read that right. Emotions have become nothing but another salable thing. While we found platforms to write and express our naked emotions, another set of judgement from people around keeps our way
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