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You. Yes you. Do you know what you have done to me? I know.

You are the only face I know and remember distinctly.

You are the only voice I can hear even when my inner voice is silent.

You are the only person I want around me. Am I obsessed? Maybe.

You are the only body I want to hug and deep dive in to.

You are the only set of palms which I …

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Another day, another post, another way to express what I feel exactly within. This time on my birthday, I was actually giving it a thought that why people are always so excited on their birthday, what makes them happy on the thought that it’s their birthday unless it’s again going to be a day where you have achieved something you have really worked hard for?

Just a thought. I feel that any given day when …

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Decisions and bigger decisions always confuse you. Change is not easy, never. It takes time to digest that you want to bring a change for sure because it confuses, scares and discourages you at first. But if you are sure, you make sure that the change is for good and shall bring you more good.

From The Poet’s Heart has been my baby since almost 6 years now and this decision was not easy. Because

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A lot has been written and read about OCDs but I have a take on relationship’s acronym of OCD and I decide to pen it down in the form of a post.
I feel these days relationships are at its worst. They are broken, selfish, demanding or just for the sake. There’s no humanity left in love. Not that I am negative about love, relationships or people great at heart but by far how it
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Sometimes, all you have with you are your own words to describe how you feel, what you go through and how much it means to you. Life shows you so many ups and downs, there is not a single human being I have met or interacted with, who is not suffering in one or the other way or chasing happiness. This is what it has become, an endless chase or reasons to be found to
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