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As I believe and tweeted a few days back, “Every year the years are passing by faster.” It’s not even funny how time flies and so much changes in that one whole year. We are just a part of what’s happening now and at the end we tend to ruminate over the facts and myths of our existence. I am going to try and put down a few of my learning experiences over this year. …

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Good Morning. Yes, may what timezone you are in, it’s time to wake up. No it’s not just the end of September but it’s about time when one more year is coming to an end. No, this isn’t a reminder or a wake up call, this is just a simple visit to the best times of your year.

Countdown has begun. Last 10 days to 2015, ah doesn’t it sound anticipating? To me it does. …

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Skin, my eyes are the favorite part of my skin,

What I see, what it makes me think, what it makes me devour,

At the end of  a long day, when I close them it’s more than an orgasm,

How I yearn to feel those unfulfilled dreams…


I drop my vulnerabilities and insecurities like make up,

I throw my fears and instability like my long worn dress,

I look for a cocoon inside my …

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You. Yes you. Do you know what you have done to me? I know.

You are the only face I know and remember distinctly.

You are the only voice I can hear even when my inner voice is silent.

You are the only person I want around me. Am I obsessed? Maybe.

You are the only body I want to hug and deep dive in to.

You are the only set of palms which I …

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Another day, another post, another way to express what I feel exactly within. This time on my birthday, I was actually giving it a thought that why people are always so excited on their birthday, what makes them happy on the thought that it’s their birthday unless it’s again going to be a day where you have achieved something you have really worked hard for?

Just a thought. I feel that any given day when …

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