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Aren’t dustbins one of the most important things ever invented? It’s a critical situation these days in terms of how to keep the city and country clean. While you have been seeing Swachch Bharat campaign all around the country making us pledge to keep our surroundings clean, I am going to tell you somewhat a different story today.

Since a few days I observed that the dustbin which was assigned near my desk is missing. …

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Father and Mother, I love you. Aren’t we all aware about this definition of Family, but does it end there? I don’t think so.

While we graduate in different phases of our life from being a child, to a school going smart human, to a jazzy collegian to a person who has to make career choices, we come across so many people, relationships. Some die, some fade away and a few still survive even when …

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Hello everyone,

This post is the fourth day as a participation for Blogchatter‘s #HalfMarathon #DailyChatter and for the first time, I am sharing some of my favorite originally clicked photographs in last one and a half years:


Goa, 2015.


Mumbai, 2015.


Punjab, 2015.


Ahmedabad, 2015.


Mumbai, 2015.


Mumbai, 2015.


Mumbai, 2015.


Mumbai, 2016.


Goa, 2016.


Goa, 2016.


National Park, Mumbai, 2016.


Lonavala, 2016.

Do let me know how you like these so that I …

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Just another afternoon with a gloomy mind and some thoughts which never tend to leave with another steaming cup of tea. It’s just kind of awkward how growing up is so glorified and the real essence is often misunderstood. Some take it for freedom, while others feel the suffocation of having a lot of responsibilities piling up making life difficult.

To each its own, but what does it actually mean to grow up? Does it …

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Well, this is a must write post for me as I describe my journey in this city of dreams – Mumbai.

Yes, I have survived in this city for three years now and as I celebrate my third anniversary with this city on 14th July, 2016, I want to phrase my experience into three playing cards, and mind well, all of them are Aces. Know how? Here it goes:

Ace of Spades: Leaving your hometown …

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