Life & Experiences

Friend is such a word that whenever we hear it a very different kind of feeling rises in our heart and senses because
as per the experience of everybody regarding friendship is different and everyone has a different story in their minds
with this subject. On discussion about the same everyone gets so excited and want to show and explain what all one has
gone through and one cant resist keeping their point of view …

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Whenever we see all the people around us we always feel that his/her life is so simple and easygoing and we always kinda compare our life with the others and try to prove ourselves that we are going through the hard times,but what the ugly truth is of life that whoever we take as an example in life we will always find his/her life very simple on the outlook but the reality of that person’s …

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Since i like being phiolosophical and always giving my views on different topics, yesterday i thought about care and after like brooding over different forms of it i thought of sharing it with all my friends whom i would like to probably have a look over this note and try and understand the deeprooted meaning of the gesture!!

First of all as i would like to start with a very common but a very must …

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Amazing Is The Way Almighty Plans Life,
Sometime Its Loose Sometimes Its Tight,
No One Can Judge No One Can Rule,
Its Somewhere Human Is Fooled.

Giving Up Sad Moments & It Lightens Up As Light,
And Lightning Up Immediately Blows Off Bright,
Who Judges The Timing Of Whatever Happens,
Answer Comes Away Its Voice From Heaven.

Soul Is A Medium Through Which He Gives A Chance To Prove,
And Even He Allows To Freak
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