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Stories generally give us the outline when we start reading that what it is going to talk around, what the theme is talked about and what would be the conclusion to the story. Here the story revolves around basically the evolution of mankind and with the complete flow of the reading i guess it would be kind of funny to come to a conclusion which is something basically a person should have sensitization about.
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The first question when you see this post may arise that why this specific topic has been chosen? Is it a self experience or something in general. To make it more specific this is based on a true story but instead of narrating the story as a blog post i would like to just share the wisdom and the realizations which i got to learn from the event. Exactly one week ago from today, i.e …
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The emotion and the hug so tight it feels,
The trust within and the mighty plight it reels,
The fly in those airy wind and the blowy blows,
The first rain and the drop makes it pinching a bit.
The desperation and the fear at the same time it calls,
The needle like it pricks and the taste like the salt,
The tears and the deep inside insecurities we feel,
The unspoken drudgery of the …
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I certainly don’t know why i chose this topic to write upon but mostly to my knowledge i have observed and through my own experience i have come to know that this is one of those situations which most of us have to suffer some day, some time, some moment in our Life and we always try to mess it up with many things of our Life. So i am going to describe a few …
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