Life & Experiences

Red hands of her, responsibilities on him,
They entered the house, love within,
Struggled they through, a life worth though
Time it was of a wonderful, bubble.
Time way back, when they met on the coast,
Ice-creams, chocolates, flowers and the toast,
Moments incredible, memories formed,
Stillness embraced, a life so calm.
Busy he is, she works though at home,
Miss they each other, relation epitome,
Though hug they, kiss they, cuddle they daily,
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The title being a bit negative i just want to give an idea its not a negative post but just something which comes to my mind as a story, which was woven yesterday and i thought to blog it up. Thanks for reading 🙂
So it goes as once in a city there was a place, you can say a club where there this pool was and everyone was so much interested to come here
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What made me write this post is the last night introspection before i slept. It was that empty feeling of what i really want from my Life. I started thinking about it and brood over various comforts of my Life and thought this might relate to any one of us and as i always write what i feel, i thought of sharing this as well.
As i was lying on my bed, i felt that
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Welcome back to those who regularly read my blog posts and Hi to all those who might have opened this site for the first time, may be.
What does the Title suggest this time to you? What are we going to talk about or What inspiration i am going to give you from my own experiences? Let’s not make this read a boring philosophical one but let me just tell you that everyone of you
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Probably reading the title you might be a bit amazed that how could we define the things which make appear life more appealing or the other way that what new would you get to read about Life? All the philosophies, the advice, quotes and what not we have today over the “Internet” to help our selves getting motivated and know what we should value and what not. But still in the midst of all this,
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