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Hello Readers,
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to everyone of you reading this post. This post deserved all the time because after all it is the 100th post for me and this world of blogging has played a big role in my Life and so I wanted to do complete justice to this post making it very special for Life. Today finding time between the last set of exams of my Life academically, I thought of writing this
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Hello everyone,

This one being the 99th post on my blog, I thought of brooding over at least 99 positive reasons to hold on to Life. I hope these help you at some point. They are as below:

1. There are always two sides of a coin so sometimes instead of giving up, trying Going Down.

2. Everyone has Self Respect so think about each situation from the other point of view.

3. There has

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A very good morning/evening/night to whoever is reading this post. This is just a description of what Life has shown me and possibly i feel that this could help you in some ways even when you are at the start of a relationship, in the mid somewhere or possibly thinking to end up a relation. Not that i am an expert of something called “Relationship” but here is just a perspective which would let you
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A well-to-do city it was where happiness stayed and the people were happy enough to survive in a manner which everyone would like to. It was a small city where people were contended in just earning to afford a two time meal and they used to observe happiness in small things. Rains excited them, puddles and dirt were their swimming pools, every festival a marriage sort and every death a mournful time.
What mattered to
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