Life & Experiences

A very good morning/evening/night to whoever is reading this post. This is just a description of what Life has shown me and possibly i feel that this could help you in some ways even when you are at the start of a relationship, in the mid somewhere or possibly thinking to end up a relation. Not that i am an expert of something called “Relationship” but here is just a perspective which would let you
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A well-to-do city it was where happiness stayed and the people were happy enough to survive in a manner which everyone would like to. It was a small city where people were contended in just earning to afford a two time meal and they used to observe happiness in small things. Rains excited them, puddles and dirt were their swimming pools, every festival a marriage sort and every death a mournful time.
What mattered to
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Red hands of her, responsibilities on him,
They entered the house, love within,
Struggled they through, a life worth though
Time it was of a wonderful, bubble.
Time way back, when they met on the coast,
Ice-creams, chocolates, flowers and the toast,
Moments incredible, memories formed,
Stillness embraced, a life so calm.
Busy he is, she works though at home,
Miss they each other, relation epitome,
Though hug they, kiss they, cuddle they daily,
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The title being a bit negative i just want to give an idea its not a negative post but just something which comes to my mind as a story, which was woven yesterday and i thought to blog it up. Thanks for reading 🙂
So it goes as once in a city there was a place, you can say a club where there this pool was and everyone was so much interested to come here
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