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Hello Readers,
I hope after doing the Happiness Post you all felt quite good to contribute to it. This time I have got a totally different idea about making a very subtle post. Its all about Fiction now. This is going to have a very different turn around after it comes on the real post.
I hope you all have heard about the telephone telephone game we played in childhood. Now having the same game
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Hello to each and everyone reading this post. First of all to know about what all this post is describing please go to the previous post and know what had to be done to contribute to this post. You will have a clear idea thereby about this post. Also as all those who have contributed to this post first of all a very big THANK YOU to each one of you to take out time
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Hello everyone,

All you have to do is answer to -> “What has happiness taught you in Life?” in the number of words as per your age. For Eg. If you are 25  years old then you have to sum up the answer in just 25 words.

Next step is that you have to attach a picture of you as an attachment of around 500kb and also leave your blog link in the mail.


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Trust is a very naive thing if i would firstly just talk about it because whenever we talk about it we feel we are knowing the correct version of it but the truth is that it gets defined according to the experiences in life and that can never be generalized for everyone of us. It’s still surreal to know that whoever and however one defines it we can connect to it and somehow relate, we
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