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Title – I Found You

it took eternity,
for the melancholy,
the hurt of my broken heart
to melt away…

it took eternity,
for the dusky clouds of my teary eyes,
shrouding my lovely cheeks
to blow away…

darkness haunted me for long
fear gripped me tight furlong.

it seemed as if ages had passed
since i had lost the touch of wisdom
since i had lost my beatific smile;
all now, gone for long,
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I encountered her
on a unknown stop on a road to nowhere.
She was on her bicycle,
radiating beauty,
smiling as if the wind sublimely synchronized with her smile.

As i locked my gaze on her scintillating face
partially covered with dark long strands,
she dove deep in my eyes like a Goddess.

Looked up front
filling the breath in her bosom and
the current assorting the hairs from her countenance
She said
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A picture is worth a thousand words, we all know but then we have writers who can say a lot in just 100. Don’t believe it? Check it below.. 🙂

@Farji_Engineer: “Do you really love me Idiot?” Priyanka asked in a low tone looking away from him ,not wanting to hurt his feelings but still she wanted to hear it from him after all the things he said to her last night about his
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Hello everyone,

First of all to know about what all this post is describing please go to the previous two posts and know what had to be done to contribute to this post. You will have a clear idea thereby about this post. Also as all those who have contributed to this post first of all a very big THANK YOU to each one of you to take out time for this post. Lets see
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Hello again,
First of all I want to clear the concept to you all about this thing. We are not going to have a story to be continued one after the other but we are going to read the story, understand it and write the same story in our own words and send it to other. Please do not add anything extra to the story you receive and just write in 50 words what you
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