Guest Posts

Title- Haunsla

Aankhon mein chahat ke jugnu saja ke jo chal rahe ho,

Khawabon ke aasman mein jo chal rahe ho,

Umeed se alag ek jahan hain apna,

Phir bhi umeedon ke ujjale lekar chal rahe ho,

Manzilein aasan nahi hongi iss safar mein,

Phir bhi bedhadak unn raston pe chal rahe ho,

Safalta ke raston mein kantein to humesha hi milenge,

Dilon mien jeet ka jajba hai to chal rahe ho,

Maana iss udaan
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Title- Indian Parenting

The Indian society has been following patriarchy since ages unknown. In the olden times, years ago; women were deprived of taking decisions. Only the head (that used to be a man) of the family took decisions. These decisions were like diktats. These had to be implemented, irrespective of other member’s wish. In fact ‘wish’ was an unknown word to the headman. According to him, whatever he said (read ordered) was in family’s
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Title- Transparent Dreams
Aims high, whispering by is the wind of transparent dreams,
Shimmering shine, in a splattering wine dipped is a scoop of cream
Ready to relish a sip of thrill, ready to loose into screams
Ready to untie chains of sorrow, ready to live in extremes!
By wavering through rocks, splashing through spots,
Gushing in some waterfall beneath
Waiting to fall straight in head shot
Waiting to make some risky deals.
Clumsy thoughts …
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Title- It’s my Home Coming

Time was short but the wait was longer
Like a wandering soul I was restless
For the days to Pass and nights to end
It was my home coming, it was my home coming

The familiar streets waited for my arrival
The familiar voices called out my name
The familiar faces were waiting to smile
It was my home coming, It was my home coming

The needle pointed to the
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Title – “To You, From Yours.”

An exquisite meeting 7 months back,so much changed in the life’s rack.

The attraction, the phone calls and trust exchanged.

The craving of seeing you once more came, 

The fear of loosing something I never had, 

Your scent, the walk by the beach side. 

My first urge to kiss someone, I surprisingly controlled.

Your voice made my heartbeats dance two floors, 

I couldn’t run away when you reciprocated your
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