Guest Posts

Finally, the day has arrived and I just can’t believe how two weeks just flew away since I proposed this initiative. A few entries have come up and this time they have contradicted the phrase of “The more, The merrier.” because they are less but reading each one is a treat. So, I hereby present all your entries. Take a ride:


Since time immemorial I’ve been waiting for you and finally you came after
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Hello people,
We all have been so busy in and out of our lives but we all somewhere know that we want to take time out and jot down at least a bit of our Life in to words so that whenever we look back we have something to read and smile. You may or may have not contributed to the last post but that doesn’t stop you from contributing to this one.
Yes. This
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Wonder what you are
Some magician, 
Some clueless code
Or a piece of my soul
I met on life’s road.

The angel bearing me
And my ache
Putting me together 
Gently, whenever
I’m hurt or I break.

Stumbled across you
Like stumbling across
the pearl in a shell,
While living a nightmare
Something worse than hell.

Stood on the edge,
Almost facing the end
A last look back and
Slipped off, only to find

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Title- An Illusion called Life

The journey is never meant to satisfy your desires
The paths are treacherous to follow
Some paths are chosen and some are forced upon us
Some dear ones will leave you one day in silence.
As I sit and wonder looking at the night sky
The twinkling of stars doesn’t make any sense to me.
Smile fades away one day
Beauty vanishes in thin air with no trace
What remains

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Title- Universe Conspiracy

The sun, never this bright unless glinting off broken shards of hope.

The rain, never this cold unless washing down tears of love in its wake.

The snow, never this pliable unless capturing the steps of a lonely
man on a journey.

The wind, never this wild unless  blowing away the remnants of words
unwritten on paper.

The dust, never rises like this unless  it meets a troubled heart.

The universe rushes
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