To be able to see, listen, feel and live your life to the fullest is a blessing, isn’t it? To understand, realize and actually interpret your surroundings, people, their speech, the words, emotions, feelings they express is what we should always be thankful about.

Today, in this post I want to speak about one such modern world gadget which can help people with partial or full hearing loss, get back their ability to listen, feel …

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Planning. The most important thing in today’s generation. As we see the rise in inflation and merging economies, it’s very important to understand what is your utmost priority as a parent for your child. Their aspirations, dreams and desires vis-a-vis your perception of their goals need to be integrated to bring out the best results.

While we are completely supportive of their day to day homework, the importance of us doing our homework is more …

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While we all had an amazing time at Goa courtesy BlogAdda and Renault India, I can’t resist myself speaking about this beast “Lodgy” launched by Renault.
When I heard about the car, I thought it would be a huge car and I have never had hands on experience on a big car (read an SUV) and I was scared if this car would be difficult to drive but as soon as I saw it arrive
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